At Clarified Complexions we offer the following facial treatments:

Chemical Peels  |  Microneedling  |  Dermaplane  |  Facials  |  Skincare

Chemical Peels


Despite our focus on comfort with all treatments, laser and light therapy might not be for everyone. At Clarified Complexions we also provide very effective solutions to healthy skin with a more relaxing experience. Chemical peels are a great form of exfoliation and provide strength, anti aging benefits and reversal of skin dysfunction. These treatments are great forms of skin exercise once annual laser and light treatments are achieved.

​Here at Clarified Complexions we provide peels with sophisticated technology to help deeply penetrate and restore skin health. Our peels are mostly derived from plant based technologies. Peels are best experienced in a series and are great treatments to maintain healthy acting skin after deeper laser treatments. Let’s face it aging reduces our production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the laxity and suppleness of our skin. Chemical peels can help stimulate our skin and provide better production of molecules such as these.

​Routine chemical peels, over time, will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish the severity and frequency of acne breakouts, control brown spots and help decrease inflammation or redness in skin. Chemical peels can now penetrate deeper into the skin but with less irritation than older, more traditional peels, which makes any skin type or age a candidate. Depending on the depth of the peel, recovery time varies. Mild to moderate peeling can be expected from three to seven days.



Despite the intimidation of the name, with the right practitioner this can be a very effective and comfortable treatment. Microneedling consists of a linear group of very small needles which are designed to penetrate very superficially through the layers of the skin. Microneedling packs a punch with barely any down time. It is known as a collagen induction therapy and can also help deliver topical blends into the skin tissue. Done in a series is best and this treatment is safe for all skin types. Follow the post care instructions and very little





At Clarified Complexions we provide facial treatments specific to skin issues.  Facial treatments are performed on dry, sensitive or compromised skin for stimulation and strength.  Taking a moment to relax during a facial treatment can have significant changes to our stress levels.  At Clarified Complexions we  remind our clients of the importance of stress management.  We take pride in offering facial treatments safe for individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well.  Our treatments typically take 75 minutes but we will spend extra time to consult with our clients before the procedure to  review specific needs and situations.

Physician Dispensed Skincare


Proper skin care helps strengthen and shield our outer surface layer from the environment.  This protects us from infection and keeps a healthy and hydrated skin barrier.  We encourage home care regimens to include proper sun protection, effective antioxidants and exfoliation.  Our combined experience helps provide effective protocols to help manage many skin issues. We choose to use physician dispensed products, which include pharmaceutical grade botanicals and scientific studies to prove the improvements in skin.  Over the counter products are not held to the same standards.

As a plastic and reconstructive facility we also provide topical protection for heavily compromised skin undergoing treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.  Engaging in our consultations will help guide our clients to effective and protective skin care for any individual situation.