At Clarified Complexions we offer these forms of light therapy:

Broad Band Light Therapy  |  Forever BBL Therapy

Broad Band Light Therapy


BroadBand Light (BBL) is the most versatile light device that provides skin renewal, permanent hair reduction, targets sun spots, diminishes vascular lesions and helps control acne. BBL uses non-invasive pulses to attack many targets. This intense pulse light therapy can provide benefits on any area of the body.

​Short term BBL treatments provide illuminating skin but longterm results are proving some significant changes. BBL combats the signs of aging by stimulating youthful cellular function and lifting visual oxidative damage to the skin. BBL also stimulates collagen production helping the skin look younger. The top-layers of skin will darken immediately after treatment but will exfoliate off within one week. BBL can be used alone or in combination with other laser treatments. Treatment goals and options will be thoroughly explored during consultation.

Forever Young BBL Treatments


Forever Young BBL is the coined term by Dr. Patrick Bitter to describe regular yearly maintanence of advanced BBL treatments.  Forever Young BBL is the only device on the market to prove a change in our skins cellular expression.  This is a tried and true fountain of youth.  How would you enjoy your skin looking younger 10 years from now than you do today?  Please take time to read the study and enjoy the facts.  Trained and experienced hands are key to administering this maintanence program.  Forever Young is utilized once corrective treatments have been achieved.

7yrs post FYBBL tx Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Bitter

Forever Clear Acne Treatments

Forever Clear Acne treatments combined with skincare and nutritional education can be a true game changer in how acne effects us.  This combination of light therapy addresses multiple layers of the skin and lesions to destroy the existing breakouts and change the future skin cycles.

I address acne with non irritating topicals and allow individuals to experience an alternative approach to drug therapies.  We also work conjuctively to figure out specific triggers of your individual acne issue.

Forever Clear Acne treatments are generally done in a series and change can be seen in one treatment.  It is ideal to commit to a series of four treatments at about three weeks apart.

Forever Bare Hair Reduction

Permanent hair reduction is a very effective way to decrease the amount, color and frequency of hair growth. These treatments have come so far in the maturity of lasers and light, there is very minimal discomfort associated with it. At any given moment we are only growing about 20% of our hair growth, so it is important to stick to a series and schedule for optimal outcomes. My general suggestion is five treatments spaced at four to eight weeks apart depending on the location.

​Hair growth may be stimulated by hormones, so some hormonal disorders will attribute to a more frequent maintenance program.