At Clarified Complexions we offer the following nutritional support:

Vitamin Injections  |  Food Plans

Vitamin Injections


Nutrition has always played a major platform in my approach to skin health and care. Vitamins are a base to our cellular function. Vitamin injections can bypass the stomach and absorb through our muscles and into the bloodstream. This can be beneficial to a number of reasons. Not everyone absorbs essential vitamins through the gut because of absorption issues.

After a short discussion we can come up with a customized vitamin shot for you. These combinations of vitamin B’s, antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients are then singularly injected to the muscle. Nutritional education has been a post to my career, passion and dedication on delivering health. My choice in Only the most

Food Plans


Accountability plays an important role to changing habits. At Clarified Complexions we help provide you with outlines to healthier food options through the standards of functional medicine. This idea is to help decrease the inflammation in an individuals body before any chronic conditions take hold, or to help decrease symptoms on chronic issues.

Skin is a great mirror on reflecting other issues within the body

Food plans can help teach and change how to make some better choices outside of the Standard American Diet, known as the SAD diet in today’s health forecast.